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Sensory Gel Liquid Floor Tiles

SKU: SFT6Allan o Stoc ar hyn o bryd

Pris rheolaidd £199.99
Pris rheolaidd Pris gwerthu   £199.99

The captivating Sensory Gel Liquid Floor Tiles come in a pack of 6 and offer a wonderful visual and tactile light-up experience, encouraging movement and exploration of surfaces like never before. Each step or movement causes the liquid gel to gracefully shift, creating mesmerising arrays of patterns that captivate the senses.

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Product Description

Built to withstand the exuberance of children and adults, as well as the weight of wheelchairs and trolleys, these tiles are both robust and reliable. Whether used on the floor or placed on a table top, a little pressure is all it takes to unleash a dramatic visual effect, turning any flat surface into an interactive and responsive canvas.

Designed with the utmost quality, our Sensory Gel Liquid Floor Tiles are a unique and exceptional addition to any sensory room. They serve as a perfect resource to create a mini platform, providing a special space for children to indulge in sensory delight and exploration.

These waterproof, nonslip, and cushioned sensory tactile floor tiles are a testament to durability and safety, offering a secure and comfortable surface for all users. Each tile can carry loads of up to 500 kg, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable sensory experience for everyone.

  • Pack of 6 tiles
  • Size: Approx. 50 x 50 cm each
  • Colour: 6 Different Colours
  • Usage: Visual Effects
  • Material: Plastic/Gel
  • Weight: Approx. 1.8 kg per tile
  • Carrying Capacity: Up to 500 kg per tile

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Touch/tactile – different textures and surfaces

Please note: These products are sold with their intended purpose as described. We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of items where physical force has been used to damage the product or where it had been used in a manner that it was not designed for. If in doubt of its suitability, please get in touch.

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