About us

We know that caring for a disabled child can be very challenging. We can help.

The products we source and supply help make life a bit easier for a parent, and more fulfilling for their child. We specialise in finding those unusual items, including many specially designed for disabled children with specific needs. Our products are simple solutions to complex problems, and if we don't stock a product ourselves, we can point you in the direction of someone who does.

· Raincovers for wheelchair users giving top to toe rain protection

· Sleepsuits which make it difficult for children to take their clothes off

· Backpacks with reins which are useful for children who don't like holding hands

· Age-appropriate bibs and neckerchiefs for children of all ages

· Absorbent pants

· Waterproof sheet and mattress protectors

· Cutlery and crockery which help disabled children eat and drink independently

· Elastic laces which turn lace up shoes into slip ons

The Fledglings shop is run by Contact, the charity for families with disabled children. Contact brings families together to support each other and help families to campaign, volunteer and fundraise to improve life for themselves and others.

The Fledglings shop is just one of the many ways Contact can help and support families with a disabled child. Please take a look at the Contact website to find out what else we can offer you.