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As a Charity, we are not-for-profit!

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Fledglings is proud to work with many great suppliers. The vast majority are based right here in the UK with the odd one in the EU.

Some of our suppliers have some great stories behind them including some that  were started from a parent needing the products for their own children. This page links to them and tells you their story.

Lucy set up Seenin in 1998, five years after her daughter Hester was born with Aicardi syndrome

Read the SEENIN story

Daksha Mistry founded Incy Wincy in her spare bedroom back in 1996 and went on to design the Kes-Vir range of swimwear.

Read the Incy Wincy story

Sasha set up Special Kids to help children with special needs be visible

Read the Special Kids story

Orkid Ideas was set up by Clare the mum to Tom who was disagnosed with autism, a language disorder and sensory difficulties at 4 years old.

Read the Orkid Ideas story

LUSU has been set up by Lue and Sue who believe all activity and sport should be fully inclusive because we’re in it together.

Read the LUSU story

Bundlebean began in 2011 by a frustrated mum Emily.

Read the Bundlebean story

Bibetta means Bib which is Better, who knew? Created by Paul Brown in 2004 a dad who is a keen surfer.

Read the Bibetta story

Nancy Farmer and Jessica Silver met in the playground aged six. Fast forward over 30 years and they run Friendly Shoes UK together.

Read the Friendly Shoes Story

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