Waterproof Mattress, Bedtime, for disabled children.

Waterproof Mattress

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Where heavy soiling and wetting occur a waterproof hospital-style mattress is a good option. The Waterproof Mattress can be wiped down and dried easily, making it ideal for nighttime changes. Especially useful as a child moves into adulthood and the volume of wetting increases.

The hospital-style mattress is manufactured from body foam with a modular cut which allows the mattress to adapt to the shape of the user making the mattress more comfortable. The polyurethane waterproof cover comes tightly zipped and is vapour permeable which allows airflow for further comfort. Tape-sealed seam with zipping.

Tips for Cleaning the Mattress

  • Wipe with a mild detergent (diluted washing up liquid is okay) rinse and dry thoroughly before placing back onto the bed
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or neat bleach as this will destroy the water repellent properties. 
  • To eradicate odours, dilute chlorine by 1 part per 1,000

Available in UK or EU size

  • UK Single: 190cm x 90cm x 13cm
  • EU Single: 200cm x 90cm x 13cm

For maximum protection use with the Duette Waterproof Pillow, MRSA Resistant Wipe Clean Waterproof Duvet and the Smart Sheet Mattress Protector or Waterproof Mattress Protector for added comfort and protection. 

Please note that this item is a dropship item and will take up to 10-14 days for delivery.