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Collection: Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder is a term that covers the eight sensory systems that our body has that give us information about ourselves and the world around us. It is through these eight senses that we can go about our daily lives.

For some people, one or more of these senses do not work quite as everyone else would expect and can cause issues with day to day tasks. This collection of items aims to help with some of these and you can read more about the eight senses at the bottom.

The highest price is £2,800.00 Reset

308 products



308 products


The highest price is £2,800.00


308 products

  • LED Sensory Carpet
    £225.00  (£187.50 ex VAT)
  • Aromas Pack 1 Set of 6
    £11.99  (£9.99 ex VAT)
  • Large Sensory Skateboard
    £229.99  (£191.66 ex VAT)
  • Sensory Cuddle Ball
    £29.99  (£24.99 ex VAT)
  • Therapy Putty
    £21.99  (£18.33 ex VAT)
  • TickiT Percussion Set 16pk
    £34.99  (£29.16 ex VAT)
  • Dark Den Tent
    £84.99  (£70.83 ex VAT)
  • Tactile Mitts
    £31.99  (£26.66 ex VAT)
  • Infinity Mirror
    £18.99  (£15.83 ex VAT)
  • Colour Changing Mood Block
    £5.99  (£4.99 ex VAT)
  • Fabric Sensory Book
    £29.99  (£24.99 ex VAT)
  • Nature Sound Pyramid
  • Bubble Tube Floor Lamp
    £72.99  (£60.83 ex VAT)
  • Brainstorm Toys Projector Torch - Learning ResourceBrainstorm Toys Projector Torch - Learning Resource
    Whilst Stocks Last
    Brainstorm Toys Projector Torch
    £7.00 £5.99  (£4.99 ex VAT) 14% Off!
  • Sensory Light Up Maraca
    £6.49  (£5.41 ex VAT)
  • Glitter Tubes – Pack of 4
    £17.99  (£14.99 ex VAT)
  • Colour Changing Egg
    £5.99  (£4.99 ex VAT)
  • Chewbuddy Bangle - ChewingChewbuddy Bangle - Chewing
    VAT Relief Available
    Chewbuddy Bangle
    £7.99  (£6.66 ex VAT)
  • Chewbuddy Stickman Tuff - ChewingChewbuddy Stickman Tuff - Chewing
    VAT Relief Available
    Chewbuddy Stickman Tuff
    £8.99  (£7.49 ex VAT)
  • Rainbow Desk Bells
    £34.99  (£29.16 ex VAT)
  • TickiT Mini Sand Timer Set 3pk
    £3.99  (£3.33 ex VAT)
  • Fidget Kit 2
    £31.99  (£26.66 ex VAT)
  • Kaleidoscope Rotating Disco Ball
    £9.99  (£8.33 ex VAT)
  • Brainstorm Toys Dinosaur Nightlight and Projector
    £13.00  (£10.83 ex VAT)

The Eight Sensory Systems

Most people are aware of five senses, but there are eight and for some an issue with any one or more of these can cause real problems in daily lives.

The Auditory system – the sense of hearing.
The Olfactory system – the sense of smell.
The Oral sensory system – the sense of taste.
The Tactile system – the sense of touch.
The Visual system – the sense of sight.
The Vestibular system – how we sense where our bodies are in space. It is what keeps us balanced and coordinated.
The Proprioceptive system – our “internal” sense of awareness we have for our bodies. It tells us about how we are moving and occupying space.
The Interoceptive system – this is the sense of feeling. This system is responsible for the general sense of our body’s physical condition; hunger, thirst, hot, cold, and whether you feel your emotions.

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