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Back to School Anxiety Hacks & Tips

Starting the new academic year can be a scary time for many children, particularly for those changing schools or starting a new school. To help we have created this page of tips and hacks from parents just like you.

Schools Podcast and Webinar

We’ve just published a top tips for starting school podcast. Or listen back to our webinar on managing behaviour and anxiety with Dionne Hollis (Occupational Therapist) and Stephanie Carr (Speech and Language Therapist) on support strategies for managing behaviour and anxiety

Top Tips from a SEND Teacher

And if you have a child who is changing schools in September, take at a look at our top tips for changing shcools prepared by a special educational needs teacher and a group of parents to help you navigate changes of school, for example from nursery to primary, or junior to secondary, or if you move and have to start school in another area.

Anxiety Hacks thanks to Orkid Ideas

Back to school anxiety hack

Anxiety  Hack 1

Let your child know that lots of other people are anxious about returning to schoool or work too! This will help them know their worries are valid and that they aren't alone in feeling this way.

Back to school anxiety hacks 2

Anxiety  Hack 2

Give your child the words to describe their feelings. Introduce and explain phrases such as 'back to school blues' and 'the oh no feeling; to help them understand the emotions and feelings behind their back to school anxiety.

Back to school anxiety hack

Anxiety  Hack 3

Ask them to show how strong their feelings are with TomTags! Children who struggle with language find it easier to show the intensity of their feelings through visual supports.

Back to school anxiety hacks 4

Anxiety  Hack 4

Show your child how to shrink their bad feelings by thinking of three good reasons why going back to school isn't that bad. They can repeat these reasons out loud whenever they feel anxiety creeping up.

Back to school anxiety hacks 5

Anxiety  Hack 5

Invest in high quality chew buddies, fidget kits and chewelery bracelets. They are a safe alternative to anxious habits like biting or scratching. They also help kids concentrate in class and are stimulating for sensory seekers!

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