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Collection: Special Needs Helmets and Head Protection

Introducing Special Needs Helmets & Hats: Protecting Every Head

In the realm of head protection, there's a collection that transcends the ordinary – our Special Needs Helmets & Hats. While we refer to them collectively as such, these head protectors are meticulously designed to serve a broader purpose. They are intended not only for individuals with special needs, but for anyone at risk of or experiencing head and facial impacts, regardless of the cause or condition.

Comprehensive Protection for All Ages

These multipurpose soft helmets & hats are versatile guardians for toddlers, children, and adults alike. They stand as effective safeguards against the potential harm caused by various conditions, including Self Harm, Autism, Head Banging, Epilepsy, ADHD, Drop Seizures, Falls, Alzheimer's, and more. Whether it's minimizing the impact of a fall or addressing behavioral challenges, our head protection helmets provide a solution that extends beyond limitations.

Not Just for Special Needs

Our commitment to safeguarding extends even further. These helmets and hats are not solely confined to special needs; they serve as versatile head protection for various situations. Whether it's safeguarding against falls, supporting individuals during contact sports, or addressing specific protection needs, our headgear rises to the occasion.

The Perfect Fit: Ensuring Maximum Protection

At our core is an unwavering dedication to ensuring that every head protection device delivers the utmost safety. We understand that proper fit is paramount to optimal protection. That's why we've partnered with suppliers who offer a revolutionary 3D head scanning service known as Perfect Fit™.

Perfect Fit™ employs cutting-edge non-invasive scanning technology, ensuring both speed and precision. By scanning the head and creating a 3D print of it, they craft a head protector that fits like a second skin. This service is particularly essential for models like HP3 and above, where a perfect fit is not just a preference but a necessity.

In our commitment to safeguarding, our Special Needs Helmets & Hats, with the aid of the Perfect Fit™ service, stand as guardians against life's unexpected challenges, providing reassurance, protection, and peace of mind for all.

The highest price is £1,672.49 Reset

8 products



8 products


The highest price is £1,672.49


8 products

  • HP-A Hydrotherapy Head Protection
    From £737.99 (£614.99 ex VAT)
  • HP-S Sleep Head Protection - Supersoft Leather
    From £1,399.99 (£1,166.66 ex VAT)
  • HP-1 Head Protection - Standard Cotton
    From £244.99 (£204.16 ex VAT)
  • HP-2 Head Protection - Cotton
    From £402.49 (£335.41 ex VAT)
  • HP-2 Head Protection - Leather
    £598.99  (£499.16 ex VAT)
  • HP-3 Head Protection - Leather
    Special Purchase Item
  • HP-4 Head Protection
    Special Purchase Item
  • HP-5 Variable Head Protection - Leather
    Special Purchase Item
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