How you can help and support a family with a disabled child.

Here at Fledglings not only do we offer practical aids and supports to families direct but, as we are part of Contact (a family) we provide a multitude of support services too. Whether you are from a school, local authority, occupational therapist, hospital or medical practice we can help you help a child or family that you are working with.

With years of experience with professionals, we provide specialist products that help them support children and adults with additional needs. We help source those unusual items that are designed for specific needs, including learning resources, sensory toys, behavioural and communication aids, adaptive eating and drinking equipment for mealtimes and more.

Furthermore, every purchase from Fledglings directly helps Contact deliver vital services to families, including their helpline, workshops, expert information, as well as campaigning for better rights for families.

We accept orders direct and are also happy to provide invoices and Purchase Orders. If you are not sure what you need then please feel free to email us at and one of our team will be more than happy to speak with you and help.  

In addition, if you are socially responsible company or investor wishing to give back to your local community as part of your Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance (ESG) funding, we can help and support you with this. 


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Schools & Local Authorities

Have you recently enrolled a child that requires some extra support or has a disability? Do you know where to start with the basics of what will help the child have the best education experience? This is where we can help.

Whether you require a full sensory room creating, or a small mobile one or perhaps just some aids to help concentration we have a range of can packages to suit. We have done the work for you by carefully packaging up the items that we feel would be a great benefit to the child, their family and the school.

Case Study

One school we helped was Boreham Primary School, where we assisted in transferring a dull room into a calming space for its pupils. It features liquid floor tiles, bubble tubes, body socks and a whole host of other items. The school's SENCO, Jo Huntley, said "having a safe place to relax and regulate emotions has improved the children's school performance as well as their home life."

We have also provided over 100 boxes to families across Wales with funding from the Welsh Government where the feedback has been amazing. Just one parents comments. 

"Thank you again for the fledgling box, me and my son, myles, was really surprised with what was inside of it, He loves everything in it. The timer is so helpful for him but also for me too, as he can take forever to do a task or cut his tooth brush time short without it, but now he can do daily task to a schedule. He like the tooth paste as it not strong and make his teeth feel clean .

He absolutely love the torch and lampbox they help him with winding down and calming him. But Myles's favourite thing in the box is the fabric marble maze fidget toy, he loves the feel of it and will play with it for hours."

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Medical Practices

As we know, during the pandemic medical practices whether it be GPs, Dentists or Hospitals all removed toys from their settings to try and prevent the spread of germs. For children who struggle with anxiety or any medical condition that being in those scenarios affects this can worsen their feelings and cause further distress.  At Fledglings we have created a wipe down box of items that can easily sanitised once a child has finished with it. We believe that by having a box in your type of environment will help provide a calming feeling for those children who struggle. 

Case Study

We have provided 60 wipe down boxes to Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool plus some ear-defenders. The boxes were specifically for giving to a child for the duration of their stay so that they had their own set of toys. The toys were in their own wipe down box and each item could easily be cleaned in its own right. Carefully selected to help the children with anxiety and to have fun whilst spending time in hospital. In addition, the Contact service side are supporting with information and guides to support the whole family. We don't just offer practical aids bringing together a complete circle of support. 

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Corporate Giving (ESG)

If you are looking to give back to your local community in a real practical way as part of your Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance (ESG) commitment then we have some excellent options for you. 

It doesn't matter how much or how little you want to put to good use we have a solution. In your area there will be children with a disability that could really do with your help and support. You will probably not know who these families are but we do. By purchasing one or more of our bundles you can help a family in more ways than you can imagine. You get to see exactly what you are funding as our clear and transparent bundles show. 

The support you provide can of course reach far beyond one or two children. By funding one of our school rooms for instance you can support many children now and in the future. 

Want to know more please get in touch with us, email us with your details to and one of our fundraising team will be in touch.

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