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Collection: Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia, also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), is a neurological condition that affects coordination, motor skills, and movement planning. Individuals with dyspraxia may experience difficulties with activities such as tying shoelaces, handwriting, riding a bike, and maintaining balance. While dyspraxia varies in severity from person to person, it can significantly impact daily life and academic performance.

This is our collection of products to help.

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23 products



23 products


The highest price is £394.99


23 products

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  • Pencil Grips - Learning ResourcePencil Grips - Learning Resource
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  • Sensory Writing Slope - Learning ResourceSensory Writing Slope - Learning Resource
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  • Ridged Comfort Grip 10pk - Learning Resource
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  • Grotto Pencil Grip 5pk - Learning ResourceGrotto Grip 5pk - Learning Resource
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  • Balance Bundle 44 Pack - BundlesBalance Bundle 44 Pack - Bundles
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  • Social Distancing Kit for Schools - Care & SafetySocial Distancing Kit for Schools - Care & Safety
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  • Doodle Desk - Learning ResourceDoodle Desk - Learning Resource
    Handmade in the UK

Curved Cutlery for Improved Dining Experience:

Curved cutlery is designed to assist individuals with dyspraxia in managing utensils more effectively during meal times. The ergonomic design and angled handles provide better grip and control, making it easier to navigate food onto forks and spoons. By promoting independence and reducing frustration, curved cutlery enhances the dining experience and encourages greater confidence during meal times.

Pencil Grips for Enhanced Writing Control:

Pencil grips are essential tools for individuals with dyspraxia who struggle with handwriting and fine motor skills. These grips provide additional support and stability, allowing for a more comfortable and controlled writing experience. By reducing hand fatigue and improving pencil grasp, pencil grips enable individuals to write with greater accuracy and legibility, enhancing academic performance and self-esteem.

Balance Aids for Improved Stability and Coordination:

Items that assist with balance, such as balance boards and stability balls, are beneficial for individuals with dyspraxia who may struggle with coordination and spatial awareness. These aids help strengthen core muscles, improve posture, and enhance proprioception, leading to better balance and stability in various activities. By promoting physical confidence and reducing the risk of falls, balance aids empower individuals with dyspraxia to participate more fully in physical and recreational activities, fostering overall well-being and independence.

In conclusion, the collection of products tailored for individuals with dyspraxia aims to address specific challenges associated with the condition while promoting independence, confidence, and overall quality of life. Whether it's curved cutlery for easier dining, pencil grips for improved writing control, or balance aids for enhanced stability, these items offer practical solutions to support individuals with dyspraxia in their daily activities and endeavours.

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