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Collection: Adaptive Clothing

We stock a wide range of specially created adaptive clothing suitable for children with a range of specialist needs. Whether you are looking for underwear, bibs, tube feeding clothing, popper vests, specialist hospital pjyamas or weighted items we can help.

Please measure your child for clothing, it's important to have the item's size guide open as every supplier has its own unique size guide for each garment.

  • When measuring your child's waist, measure below their belly button. If your child doesn't like to be touched or you're unable to measure them, you can find a pair of their underwear or trousers and measure the waist of that.
  • For incontinence swimwear, it's important to measure a little tighter as it helps to keep the contents of the swimwear in.
  • You can use an online converter between metric and imperial, or ask Google.

If you don't see something that is suitable please get in touch. We work with many great suppliers here in the UK that may be able to find a solution. 

The highest price is £204.99 Reset

329 products



329 products


The highest price is £204.99


329 products

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  • R43 Childrens Snappety Body Vest - Bodyvests and SleepwearR43 Childrens Snappety Body Vest - Bodyvests and Sleepwear
    Made to Order in the UK
    From £12.49
  • HiLINE Boys Incontinence Swim Shorts - Swimwear and AccessoriesHiLINE Boys Incontinence Swim Shorts - Swimwear and Accessories
    From £29.99
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