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Special Kids founder Sasha has been supplying Fledglings for several years. Sasha started the company through a very personal story of her background. She spent several years living in the Middle East and saw first hand how children with special needs were hidden from societies view.

Combined with her upbringing in an Eygptian household in Australia and her own international experiences, both personally and through out my career, it was very clear to Sasha she didn't want children with special needs to be hidden, nor the clothing they wear. Her long-term vision is not only bring happiness to children and their families but to expand the range of quality clothing to help children feel included in the mainstream environment and integrated in school.

This journey like with many businesses has been both rewarding and challenging. Sasha has learnt so much about the clothing requirements of children with special needs and had the opportunity to meet some amazing parents, she is now able to make the difference to the lives of so many parents and carers through her clothing range.

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40 products


The highest price is £115.49


40 products

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