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Boys Incontinence Pants, incontinence, for disabled children for disabled children

Boys Incontinence Pants - Black

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Colour: Black.

The Boys Incontinence Pants - Black are reusable underwear made from 100% cotton jersey, with an absorbent sewn-in pad that holds up to 3 tablespoons of wee (50ml)

Made to help those who may have toileting accidents with a built-in washable pad and waterproof backing for additional security. No need for disposable inserts as they already come with a super absorbent pad. Just wash and re-use as often as you need to.

These Incontinence Pants can help with toilet training. Whilst they are not a substitute for a nappy or pad, they can help a child with transitioning from wearing nappies into proper underwear.

  • Pre-rinse and machine wash 40 degrees.

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    Size Guide:

    Age Hips
    5-6 20"-23"
    7-8 22"-25"
    9-10 24"-27"
    11-12 26"-29"
    13-14 28"-31"