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ADHD Classroom Kit in a Bag

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Over 25 different classroom resources to support children & young people with ADHD.

As a Charity, any profit made from every purchase goes back to helping families with disabled children.

Product Description

These practical resources have been designed in conjunction with teachers and learning support assistants to support children who have ADHD. These resources focus on Behaviour, Impulsiveness, Concentration, Noise Levels, Rewards and Instruction.

Some children will:

  • Not ‘hear’ when spoken to and not respond to instruction
  • Be disorganised and find things distract them from a set task
  • Forget to finish a task or activity and leave it without cleaning up or tidying
  • Interrupt conversations and talk without thinking
  • Demand attention but do not consider what you are doing or if you can be interrupted
  • Often say what they think, which may be embarrassing or seemingly rude
  • Find sleep can difficult and find concentration tiring
  • Physically run, jump, leap and may put themselves into dangerous situations

These are just a few of the traits associated to ADHD. In the classroom it can be very time consuming and difficult to deal with their impulsive behaviour and seeming lack of self control.


  • 1 x Supporting ADHD – It’s not all about behaviour resource book
    • This book has been written to provide practical ideas and suggestions to support those working or living with children aged 4-11 years who happen to have ADHD and better understand the world from their viewpoint.
  • 1 x Stop and Think – What Can I Do When I Feel Angry Fan
    • Help children to find alternative behaviour which is a safe and acceptable way to display their innermost feelings
  • 1 x Stop and Think – What Can I Do to Calm Down Fan
    • Support children to find alternative behaviour that may help them to feel better and calmer
  • 1 x Stop and Think – How Can I Be Polite Fan
    • Help children learn ways to be polite and develop social skills
  • 1 x Voice Control Teachers Foam board Fan
  • 2 x Emotion Pyramid Desk Boards (green/amber/red)
    • Help young people to show you how they are feeling
  • 2 x Emotion Stop Think Go fans (matching above)
    • For children to quickly and simply demonstrate how they are feeling
  • 2 x Mood Bands (It’s all OK/It’s not OK)
    • Help children to understand if they are doing well by showing them the green side, or amber side to help them know they need to ?wait? or ?think? about what they are doing.
  • 1 x Stay Safe Stranger Danger Fan
    • Support children and young people to understand the key rules of keeping themselves safe
  • 1 x I have ADHD Communication Passport Fan (self completion)
    • Let other people have the essential information about an individual with ADHD in an easy to read, easy to carry communication passport.
  • 1 x Danger Alert Fan
    • Support an individual?s understanding of key danger points
  • 1 x Show Me Show Me Actions A6 playing cards (32 cards)
    • Help children to understand appropriate actions to support positive behaviour
  • 2 x Listen Up, Task and Action Card Sets with dry wipe pen
  • 2 x Can I Please and Please may I cards
  • 1 each of 3 cards Think about it first, Ask before taking, Hands up before asking

“Having taught for 16 years, I’ve never come across a kit like this specifically for ADHD. The contents are great and really practical. I would recommend this product to other teachers and support assistants.”Teacher – Bedford

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