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Tangle Metallic Junior - Pink, sensory integration, for disabled children.

Tangle Metallic Junior - Pink

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Colour: Metallic Pink.

What is a toy that comes in different shapes, textures and sizes?⠀

Tangles are perfect for sensory and tactile fun. Shown to aid concentration in children who tend to fidget, tangles can also help provide stress and anxiety relief. The variety of textures gives multi-sensory inputs. The different sizes and colours make it an ideal choice for children adults of all ages.

This Tangle Metallic Junior - Pink is shiny and bright. Comes in different metallic colours that are simultaneously fun, unique, and elegant for both kids and adults to wear and play with.

  • Size: 5cm x 6cm x 6cm.
  • Usage: Sensory.
  • Weight: Approximately 30g.

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