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This year we are suggesting something a little different!

Every Christmas, we experience the joy of giving and receiving gifts. While the tradition of exchanging small presents with family and friends is heartwarming, there's an opportunity to make a child's dreams come true by coming together as a team.

Make a Child's Dream Come True This Christmas

Kid's Dream: Team Gift 🎁 is more than just a gift—it's a way to create lasting memories and show a child that their dreams matter. This Christmas, let's come together as a team and make a child's dream come true. Join us in the spirit of giving and share the joy of a truly unforgettable gift. Scroll to the bottom to find out more.

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86 products


The highest price is £1,704.99


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Why Team Gift?

Imagine the smiles and excitement on a child's face when they receive a dream present, something beyond their wildest imagination. Instead of everyone buying separate small gifts, we introduce Kid's Dream: Team Gift.

How Does It Work?

Kid's Dream: Team Gift is a collaborative approach to gift-giving. Instead of many small items that can sometimes overwhelm children, we pool our resources to make one child's dream come true.

Here's how it works:

Select a Dream Present: Parents or guardians choose a special, meaningful gift that may be out of reach due to its cost.
Invite Friends and Family: Reach out to your extended family and friends, inviting them to participate in the Team Gift. Explain the concept and the chosen dream present.
Contribute Together: Instead of buying separate gifts, loved ones can either contribute to a gift card or provide funds to the parent/guardian, which will be used to purchase the dream present.

Unveil the Joy: On the special day, the child unwraps their dream gift, realizing that their loved ones worked together to make their dream come true.

Why Team Gift Matters:

Quality Over Quantity: Instead of a pile of small, often forgotten gifts, the child receives a meaningful and cherished present.
Inclusive and Affordable: Team Gift makes it possible for families to afford those bigger, more significant items that can have a lasting impact.
Memories That Last: The joy and excitement of receiving a dream present become treasured memories for both the child and the entire family.

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